Kenpo  Karate is the best martial art for beginners.

It is often called the American or Hawaiian style because it is a mix of  many martial arts. Japanese Karate and Chinese Kung-Fu are the main styles, but Kenpo has a little bit of everything. (boxing Judo, street fighting…).

Kenpo is a personalized art that caters to the individual,  so, as a student progresses, some moves are left behind and others are perfected and become part of the individual’s strengths, while other strikes are modified or not used. For example a small person or child will not be using forward overpowering moves against a much larger opponent. Instead, they would use fast mobile strikes while moving offline or behind the attacker. A strong kicker will stay in kicking range, a boxer will stay close, and a wrestler   will be on the ground.

Determining what works best for the student is the responsibility of the teacher. Assessing physical strengths and weaknesses, personality types, emotional makeup , and personal preferences of the individual.  This is why Kenpo , traditionally, encourages private lessons to develop a healthy mentor-student relationship to bring out the highest potential.

Our passion is to grow our students to be stronger, more confident, and healthier in body, mind, and emotions.

Kenpo has been called a street fighting art, a violent art, an “over kill” aggressive art, and other combat descriptions. It is all of those, but it is also an art form with Katas, discipline, mental stimulation, self awareness, and health practices.

Kenpo is ideal for the first 10 years of study. After that a student can become a teacher of Kenpo and help the next generation of students, or study more advanced systems of Internal Martial Arts.