Mr C & NikkiMr. Daniel Cuthbertson (known as Mr C. to his students) is the owner and head instructor of Petaluma Academy of Martial Arts. For the past 37 years, Mr C. has found that the discipline his school teaches can help both adults and children to channel their frustrations and agressiveness into a non-violent outlet and manage anger in a positive way. Mr C.’s Kenpo and Escrima blend of training is excellent for spontaneous response to attack, using anything and everything available as a weapon. This training, combined with kickboxing, helps students deal with contact and helps build confidence and physical endurance.



mr cMr C began his training in 1972 at the age of 17.  Over the course of his continuous studies he has trained primarily in Kenpo Karate, Latosa Escrima and Tai Chi.

Ranks Mr C. has achieved:
1976: Black Belt in Shotakan, Kai Lua, Hawaii
1980: Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, Sigung LaBounty
1981: Black Belts in Kenpo Karate & Kun Duk Kwan, Sensei Escalante
1986: Instructor Level 1 in Latosa Escrima, Grand Master Rene Latosa
2007: Guro Instructor Level in Latosa Escrima, Grand Master Rene Latosa

2013:Master level in Latosa Escrima, G.M. Rene Latosa
2013: Fifth Degree Black Belt, GODAN, Sigung LaBounty

Daniel Cuthbertson also has a multi-cultural upbringing, speaks fluent Spanish and was a professional counselor for eight years.

Mr c & Sigung LabountySigung LaBounty and Mr. C after his Fifth Degree Black Belt Test and Belt Presentation.






Staff Instructors:
Mr Mark Barber
Mr Julian Benton
Mr. Bill Isaak
Mr Sam Brodsky
Mr James Cohee
Mr Jonathan Rehberg