Since 1982, PAMA has been dedicated to teaching adults. Although we have a large children’s program, we are dedicated to, and maintain a separate and comprehensive younger and older adult program.
Our emphasis is on discovering and developing which avenue of training best suits each student who enters our school. Our ultimate goal is to merge the hard and soft martial art styles.

The hard training style of martial arts (kenpo, kickboxing, and escrima) along with strong aerobic and anaerobic conditioning are vital for good health and weight maintenance. Combined with good practical self-defense skills and awareness, we strive to instill self-confidence and physical vitality. Internal martial arts (Tai Chi & Aikido), Yoga, and Meditation work on instilling a peacefulness and internal balance for stress reduction and mental & emotional clarity.

We offer private and group instruction for Kenpo Karate, Tai Chi, Yoga, Kickboxing and Self-Defense, as well as monthly seminars and workshops.

Service Clubs, corporations, and social organizations can benefit from our free demonstrations and educational talks on self-defense, martial arts and stress reduction. Please call for details.