Next Class: Feb 25th 11 AM – 1 PM.


Our Women’s Self Defense Workshop is structured around the following 4 steps: Together they form the word SAFE.

Situational awareness.

Know your surroundings.  Be aware of where you are walking or driving.  Look around frequently to see who is approaching you.   Listen to your intuition. Don’t be overly distracted by your cell phone.



Confident posture. Eye contact. Feeling strong and powerful.

Knowing your self worth. Not accepting or inviting abuse of any kind.



The majority of the class will focus on this worst case scenario. This is when you get to a bad situation due to lack of awareness or surprise and talking and/or avoidance didn’t work.

We will focus on simple and effective strikes repeated in different scenarios with various attacks.  You will learn to use everyday objects as weapons; when to look an assailant in the eyes and when to avoid eye contact; how to make a lot of noise and finally how to escape.



Look at your surroundings.  See where the best escape routes are. Look for potential allies and make a lot of noise to call attention to the situation. Look to see if there are more than one assailants.



Public women’s self defense courses will be 2 hours and cost $35 .  ( Two people for $50).

Private groups are $200 for two hours and are comprised of friends and family that want their own self defense course. These can be custom made for the whole family, men, a soccer team, clubs,…..

Call to set up a private group class.  707 778-1069.   or email  at

Public workshops will be posted on our website and Facebook sites.