The Kenpo Karate program has been modified for children. Children are taught self-defense skills in the form of katas (structured, memorized moves), kicks, punches, yells, and running away.

Emphasis is on situational awareness, utilizing awareness (gut reaction, anxiety, fear), awareness through the senses (identifying strangers, violation of personal boundaries and sounds that may indicate a dangerous situation) and creating an exit strategy.

Rules, rituals, physical exercise, and formal training help children to focus, concentrate and perform better in school. Children become empowered as their confidence builds, and self awareness and physical conditioning increase. They set and achieve goals through learning the life skills of self-discipline, patience and self respect. The 4-6 year old group is taught through games, rules and play.

All children are modeled the freedom that exists when our energy is focused. Children are separated by age and skill level. They are taught privately, as well as in group classes.

We offer day, overnight, holiday and summer camps. Camps offer fun through games, karate, yoga, arts and crafts. Children participate in performances twice a year. In-house tournaments are an optional way to encourage purposeful training.

Children’s Tuition:

One Class per week: $65 per month
Two Classes per week: $90 per month
Unlimited: $120 per month
Mentoring Program: $180 – Includes unlimited classes and 2 private lessons per month.
Family Plan: $220 – Includes unlimited classes for all members of one family plus one private lesson per month.

A one time membership fee of $100 covers your Gi, belt and school shirt.

Introductory Program:
Try before you buy.  Receive 2 private lessons and 1 group class for $55.