Our rules are centered around good manners and respect for others.

Discipline and focus are essential to safety and building good character.

Bowing when entering or leaving the school and training areas shows respect and gratitude.

Not saying the “C” word (can’t), helps build confidence and expands our possibilities.

Not eating or drinking in the school and cleaning up the workout areas after class  is also a rule.

Cell phones should be used outside the school.  They are a distraction and everyone needs a break from them anyway.

A complete list of the rules and rituals are handed out at registration.



  • No Food, Alcohol, Gum, Drugs or Foul Language
  • Chairs are Off Limits to Students
  • Don’t Walk Through Lessons
  • Don’t Wear Belt Outside School
  • Address Instructors by Last Name
  • Bring Your Booklet to Your Private Lessson
  • Never Use the “C” Word
  • Weapons are Off limits Until Instructed in Use
  • Don’t Wear Shoes, Unless Sparring or Injured
  • Office is Off Limits Without Permission
  • Please Do Not Wear Perfumes, Cologne or Other scented Products, Some Students are Allergic
  • No Cell Phones, Pagers, or Other Electronic Devises



  • Please Bow to Studio and Instructors When Entering and Leaving
  • Always Cover Upper Belt’s Hand when Shaking Hands